Property investment

The majority of property buyers in recent years require more then just assistance with searching and completing the sale. Property buyers often own multiple properties that they purchased for investment purposes and therefore they require someone to manage the property all year round.

Kari Marbella consults with each clients and recommend a property rental strategy that is customized to their need. For instance, some owners like to use their properties certain time of the year and want those to be available. Some owners like to maximize their income and do not want to use their properties themselves. Finally, there are those that have decorated their property to use it themselves, but want to rent it out for very selected tourists.

The trends for touristic accomodation on the Costa del Sol are more promissing then ever:

  • The Costa del Sol has historically always had a extremely diverse tourism mix. Spanish tourists enjoy Marbella in the summer, because of the mild climate and represent 21,7% of tourists. UK is the largest international tourist with only 5,2% of the share. Germany, France, Netherlands, Ireland and Belgium make up a total of 15%, which means more than half of the tourists are from many other nations. This gives Marbella great stability and note that majority of the countries can travel to Costa del Sol by car. (Source: INE Overnight stays, 2019)

  • Seasonality in Marbella is not as volatile as in many other Spanish or other Mediterranean destinations. This is thanks to golf tourism, warm climate all year round and overall tourism attractiveness with cultural events and excursions, etc. The graph below shows the seasonality in the years 2016-2019 as well as 2020, which was extraordinary because of the global pandamic.

  • Malaga province has the highest number of short-term rental properties in Spain with 34.567 registered properties, however many owners have opted to rent their properties long term (even up to 3 years), which means that supply of short-term properties is declining. As a result occupancy for short term rentals are expected to rise.

  • The length of stays before pandemic has been decreasing year by year, however after the pandemic started we see more longer stays with people who work from home. Malaga and area is positioning itself as being the best place to work remotely in the whole of Europe.

  • Spain is expecting a quick bounce back as many norhtern European countries are desperate to return to their favourits holiday destination. Self-categring bookings are expected to be popular choice for many.